Why FOUR more?

  1. Complete recruitment of four economic development projects Cleveland County is presently pursuing
  2. Improve work force training options and educate community through EDGE Factor experience
  3. Partner with Cleveland County School System and Cleveland Community College to create dual track and advanced manufacturing for students
  4. Promote construction of auditoriums for Burns and Crest high schools 
  5. Support and expand facilities needed for elderly and disadvantaged
  6. Work with local officials and American Legion national office for extension of World Series contract
  7. Promote programs to assist with opioid and other drug problems
  8. Promote continued growth and promotion of agriculture businesses
  9. Expand recreational opportunities in upper Cleveland County
  10. Maintain Cleveland County as No. 4 national listing in site selection magazine as micropolitan community (10,000-50,000 community with one urban core area)
  11. Reduce the number of Cleveland County citizens who leave Cleveland County for work each day
  12. Maintain present property tax level

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