Eddie has worked hard to bring jobs and economic development to our county and will continue to do his part in growing Cleveland County into the 21st century. 


~Chief Warrant Officer 3 John Brooks, USA Retired 



“An effective County Commissioner enjoys a proven track record, actual experience in the way the government works, and the enthusiasm to get into the trenches on a citizen’s behalf. Over years of dedicated service, Commissioner Holbrook has amassed the contacts, gained credibility, and often displays a willingness to work toward, not only resolving a current problem, but devising a strategy to avoid future ones. I encourage you to support Commissioner Holbrook, so he can continue his critical work for our County.”



~Kevin Gordon
Fire Chief of Waco Volunteer Fire Department


I am writing this note to let you know I am in full support of your re-election as a County Commissioner. The work that you have done in assisting our city in Economic Development speaks for itself! From the data centers, to the energy plants, to manufacturing and distribution, you have been a valuable ally…assisting us in these projects from beginning to end. Not to mention all you have done for the county regarding the American Legion World Series.

I just wanted to express my appreciation for all of your hard work. I am in full support of your re-election and will be glad to support you in any way you like. We need you on the Board and hopefully we can continue with the great projects that are revitalizing our city.



~Rick Murphrey
Mayor, City of Kings Mountain 



I appreciate all Eddie has done for economic development in Cleveland County and especially his assistance to the City of Kings Mountain. His work with the American Legion World Series is unbelievable.

~Rick Moore
Owner of Tim’s Furniture and Kings Mountain City Councilman


Charles and I have gotten to know Eddie well in recent years. We appreciate what he has done for Cleveland County. Working with the American Legion World Series has been one of the highlights of our lives. We support his re-election whole heartedly.

~Charles and Betty Carrigan
Owners of Cherokee Auto Auctions


I have had the pleasure of witnessing the unbelievable dedication and effort Eddie Holbrook has put towards the betterment of Cleveland County over the past several years. Eddie has worked tirelessly with a vision to make Cleveland County the best county in North Carolina and has been successful at every turn. His hard work and dedication have not only achieved an unbelievable result in terms of economic development and quality of life for all of us, but he has been a role model for future leaders of our county to see what it really means to care about your community and to truly be a leader. Cleveland County is a better place to work, play, worship and live thanks to Eddie Holbrook.

~Roger L. Holland
AIA Shelby, North Carolina 28150