As your County Commissioner I have provided on- going leadership to help improve the quality of life in Cleveland County. There are numerous accomplishments over my term but I wanted to share a few of them with you. I look forward to discussing these and any other items you would want to address.

Proud accomplishments in the past 10 years

  1. Cleveland County unemployment has improved from 15% to 4.75%
  2. Cleveland County reserve has increased from 14% to 18.7%
  3. Tax rate remained the same at all levels even after reevaluation
  4. Additional deputies and technology provided for sheriff’s department
  5. Support of fire department; with improved response times and blended paid
    staff model
  6. Cleveland County employee pay raises without increasing County budget
  7. Partnered with NC Wildlife Reserves Commission to construct Foothills
    Shooting Complex
  8. In 2017, Cleveland County had 17% of North Carolina's economic development increases
  9. In 10 years, I have represented the Cleveland County Board of
    Commissioners and economic development. We have attracted
    approximately 5,000 jobs and $6.5 billion in new investments dollars.
  10.  Supported more aggressive travel and tourism for Cleveland County
  11. Worked with and represented community to earn bid acceptance for The American Legion World Series
  12. Supported the expansion of landfill and improvement of Animal Services for Cleveland County   
  13. Supported participation in a community prosperity launch for the Graham School district  
  14. Supported launch of Charlotte’s Backyard for talent recruitment for Cleveland County
  15. Launch of Pursuit and County Connection magazine
  16. Faciltated efforts to raise $65 million for Cleveland Community College
  17. Raised $3.8 million for businesses, private and foundation gifting for renewal and expansion of Keeter Stadium and Veterans Field
  18. Raised annually from $280,000 to $400,000 yearly from business, private and foundation gifting for American Legion World Series operations and special events
  19. Supported digitalization of museum holdings and artifacts
  20. Supported growth and exposure of agribusiness and community